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CYC 2019-2020

Constituency Youth Council 2019-2020: An opportunity to have your voices heard on policy and issues facing Canada.

The CYC program is important to me because it allows youth to bring a new perspective on policy and issues affecting our communities. I know that the CYC in Markham-Thornhill is working hard to be the youth voice for our community, and I intend to bring this perspective with me, upon my return to Ottawa. I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the amazing and passionate youth members of this year’s council:

Destiny Chan – Council Lead

I am a Grade 12 student who has had the pleasure of being able to serve as the Council Lead of the Markham-Thornhill Constituency Youth Council 2019-2020. Upon joining this Council, I was extremely excited to learn more about politics, become a more active member of my community, and, most of all, work closely with our hardworking Minister, Hon. Mary Ng. All of my expectations have been exceeded as leading this Council in our various initiatives around the community (Racism and Mental Health Workshop, mental health awareness posters, bi-weekly meetings, etc) have been a tremendous and worthwhile learning experience. Therefore, I believe it is extremely important for youth to be engaged in political discussions at the earliest opportunity. The earlier we are involved in these discussions, the more invested, passionate, and knowledgeable we become about our great country.

Zakariyya Muhammad – Organization Chair

This has been an amazing experience. Sometimes it is difficult for youth to get their voices heard. However, joining this council has given us access to the platform and assistance from our very own member of parliament.  This has allowed us to achieve the goals we had set and seen the tangible results of our handwork. For this, I am immensely grateful. I think when youth are engaged in political discussions, it not only allows us to let our ideas and interests be heard, but it also enables and empowers us to be active citizens in our community who strive for betterment. I am very passionate about the topic of rights for minorities and overlooked individuals. I hope to one day be able to contribute to this important issue.

Nabil Rajput – Communications Chair

In my opinion, youth councils are a very important part of society as they give youth a chance to be involved in political discussions and express their opinions and concerns. There are several advantages of engaging youth in Political discussions. First, it allows the MPs to gain a new perspective from them, regarding different issues in Canada and throughout the world. By involving young people like me, not only are we guided into meaningful activities, but we can also learn about citizen involvement as it can help identify and solve community problems. Also, it gives young people a reason to come together and to share mutual interests. By involving the youth in political discussions, we can establish the leaders of the next generation, who will eventually bring their political interests to the government and create change in the community.  Some of the topics that are of interest to me are Climate Change and the Environment, Mental and Physical Health, and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship. Up till now, my experience with the youth council has been positive, valuable, useful, and productive. I hope to gain greater insights into the workings of the Canadian government and inspire other young people.

Anusha Gauhar

Being a member of the CYC has been an honour and a wonderful experience. The council has helped me to get involved with my community and focus on many federal-level issues that, as a council, we would raise awareness and learn more about. All of the topics we have already or have planned to focus on are all important and interesting to me. We had decided to place focus on certain issues each month and raise awareness and do as much as we can about those issues which I find inciting. Additionally, I have learned so much about what the youth of our community can do to engage in politics and ensure that they are informed about our government system. I feel as though it is extremely important for youth to be engaged in political discussions as the youth of today are the future of our country. It is important to gain knowledge about our government system, what we as the youth can do to help, and ask any questions we may have directly to the Honourable Mary Ng.

Sukh Thukral

I am currently in grade 10 and study at Father Michael McGivney IB World School. I am new to this council, but something I am passionate about politics and law. I think it’s very important for the youth of today to engage in politics and policymaking process, as we will be the leaders of tomorrow. I personally would like to find a group of like-minded individuals that I can interact with and share my world view of politics. I would like to open up myself to new discussions that are important to each individual, so we can focus on different, versatile topics.

Zakir Muhammad 

I want to be part of the discussions and the work that makes our community and our country a better place for all. Commonly, the voices of youth are not heard. If the youth are engaged in political decisions, they can make a huge difference now and also in the future. The issues that interest me are environment, racial equality, and poverty.

Vincent Zhao

As a new member of the Constituency Youth Council of Markham-Thornhill, I hope to gain insight into how teams function and the issues that face Canada and how the youth of Canada can address these problems. Up until now, the CYC has been nothing less of a warm and welcoming environment where individuals are able to freely express their opinions and ideas. The CYC has not only shown me insight into how teams function but taught me the integral role of teamwork and an individuals’ contribution. As a youth, I believe that engaging the youth in political discussions helps prepare the future generation of politicians of Canada. Youths voices bring a perspective that is invaluable for the future of Canada. Personally, the topics that interest me the most are climate change, Indigenous rights and reconciliation, gender equality, and mental and physical health.

Cinzia Spataro

I hope to learn about the world of politics works and how policy evolves. I wish to learn from my experience and take my learning into my adulthood. I look forward to gaining new friendships throughout my time with CYC Markham-Thornhill.

Garv Choudhry

I came into CYC because I wanted to start getting into more after school activities, I also thought this would be a great way to build up leadership skills! Alongside this, I get to know stuff that’s happening in Canada and actually feel like I’m participating in how our country grows in a way. It is a very fun experience which lets me open up and meet new people! As the youth of Canada, we are going to live to see this country change, in minor and drastic ways. We are going the be the future of Canada and being able to be part of political discussions at a young age really shows how we can change the country for the better. The topic that is of most interest to me is Climate change and the Environment.

Aarush Jain

I think the Markham Youth Council will really help me improve my social skills such as collaboration and responsibility. More so, I want to give back to the community that has done so much for me when I was a child. In the meetings I have attended, I have met so many new people and gained much understanding of Markham. It truly is a wonderful experience. The advantages of engaging youth in political decisions is that the decision reflects the minds of all age groups alike. This way, it is best for the majority of the population and not specifically target one age group. Youths are the next generation and should have a say in their future. Issues that interest me are poverty and

Kanav Madhura

Being a part of the Markham CYC has been a great experience for me. Not only does the planning, discussion, and execution of events foster collaboration and learning between all those involved, but it allows the youth to be active in politics. Allowing youth to have a voice is important as it allows us to become more familiar with political processes, and leads to more informed voters, and thus a better Canada.

Sakina Hasnain

Being on the Markham-Thornhill Youth Council has definitely been a novel experience for me. Although I have previously been involved in committees and councils in high school, being part of the council has allowed me to work on a larger scale within the community. It has been very exciting working and collaborating together with other youth on planning different events. The council itself is such a large and diverse group which allows for insightful and provoking conversations. Listening to the unique views of members has allowed me to reflect on our community as well as myself. I am looking forward to collaborating on other projects in the future! Youth engagement and involvement in political discussions is incredibly important. It allows for diverse and unique perspectives on issues affecting us to be brought to light. Moreover, engaging students like me in political discussions not only encouraged me to be an active member of my society but also gave me an opportunity to network with other youth and members of parliament. After all, “the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. As a second-generation Muslim-Pakistani-Canadian youth, I find it difficult to see myself represented in several roles, especially in those of leadership and politics. Because of this, I find empowerment of women and minorities to be of utmost importance. It is vital to see oneself represented in places such as parliament to not only ensure the inclusion of diverse perspectives but also to encourage others, that it is possible to have such roles. I believe it is important to collaborate with others and ensure the rights of minorities, especially in regards to Indigenous rights and reconciliation. For Canada to succeed, it is essential to work for the progress of all of its people and assure that no one is overlooked or forgotten. Therefore, I consider Indigenous rights and reconciliation a prevalent topic in need of further discussion and action. Another very pressing issue for my generation is climate change and its impact on the environment. As a student pursuing a degree in the sciences, I believe it is important to act on the science and facts at hand and work together to find a solution. There is no doubt that there are many crucial topics impacting the lives of Canadians, which makes it vital for us to band together and work collectively for a better future for all Canadians.

Maira Muhiuddin


My experience so far of being part of the CYC has been a really fun experience. It’s nice to meet people my age and talk about issues facing our community and other issues around the world. The advantages of having youth engaged in politics are so that you are able to have a new perspective on different issues and learn some new ideas. Some topics I’m interested in are Local Issues, Mental and Physical Health, the Environment and Youth and Student’s voice.

Aaesha Ahmed

The Markham-Thornhill Constituency Council has offered the unique experience of discussing with individuals from a variety of backgrounds regarding different political concerns as well as plans to combat such issues, in an atmosphere that is both informative and maintains a comfort level. I can witness the incredible progression of initiatives that we spearhead and execute at our digression to a much grander level. By engaging youth in political discussions, a perspective that generally is disregarded becomes highlighted and adequately communicated; it enables us to properly uphold and present our ideas to the larger community. The subject matter that I wish to pursue includes increasing youth civic engagement, addressing the broad spectrum of equality for visible minorities and concerns otherwise more tailored to my area and locality.

Kevin Kwok

Being a part of the Markham-Thornhill Constituency Youth Council has given me an opportunity to speak to the issues of visible minorities and recent university graduates. By providing a voice to members of the community that often feel overlooked, it empowers a new cohort of leaders and offers additional depth in perspective. This Constituency Youth Council excites me because it gives an opportunity for me to speak to issues that I am passionate for such as inclusion, climate change and mental health; while being provided with the opportunity to hear and understand the issues that affect other members of the CYC.


Please free to reach out to me at if you want to learn more about the Community Youth Council of Markham- Thornhill.